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High Class GFE Companion

*Student of Tantra, Love, Sexuality, & Relationships*

Your Mysterious, Sweet, Playful, & Sophisticated Girl Next Door


           I'm Colette, a warm and vibrant young woman who wants to welcome you into my world, even if only for a moment. I know we have secrets to be shared and breathtaking memories to be created.


            I've been a fine art nude model for the past five years, being prominent in art galleries & coffee table books, with my hand in quite a few of the artistic fields. However, being a daring and lively soul by nature, I've found that my biggest passion is the art of seduction and ecstasy. I'm a very open minded young woman who has always embraced the ways of passion, even though taboo, and I would have it no other way. I am a lover of life and all it's interesting facets. I have a fire in my heart that makes me strive for the best experiences. I love to spread and inspire happiness and appreciation for all that life is.  


            My sensual nature speaks of my mystery, while my youth makes me playful and endearing. I'm the one you would never think to be so naughty, but would wish it with every ounce of your being. I have the face of an angel, the body of a woman, and the soul of an enchantress. 


                  Let's make a true connection and delve into the territories our chemistry can take us...                    


Los Angeles, CA

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Name: Colette Deevon
Main City: Los Angeles, CA
Sex: Female
Sex Preference: Bi-Sexual
Body Type: Slender
Measurements: 34DD-25-36
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 110 lbs
Race/Ethnic: Caucasian
Age: 26
Availability: Incalls/Outcalls
1st Language: English
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brunette
Hair Length: Long
Body Piercings: Only Earlobes
Tattoos?: None
Smokes?: No
Porn Star?: No
Likes: Mature gentlemen, compassion, open mindedness, generosity, fine dining
Dislikes: Crossing personal boundaries, arrogance, poor communication skills, bad manners, and drama
Accept Credit Cards: Cash
Available to: Men, Women, Couples, and Trans



*Please leave cash in a plain unmarked unsealed envelope on the bathroom counter at the beginning of our meeting. If the envelope is not visibly present within the beginning of our date then I will have to inquire.

*Please remember that regardless of our connection compensation is still needed for additional time. There's the option to have multiple numbered envelopes with the added amount in case you realize you would like to extend time.

*If plans are not made ahead of time for me to stay longer, then my ability to stay may not be possible.


*$200 Outcall Fee

*$500 Added to Total for Couples


Rate Session Service Details
$1000 USD 1hr Incalls/Outcalls An Enchanting Encounter
$1200 USD 90min Incalls/Outcalls Relaxed & Rejuvenated
$1,600 USD 2hrs Incalls/Outcalls Let's Get to Know One Another
$2,250 USD 3hrs Incalls/Outcalls Coffee or Cocktail Date
$3,000 USD 4hrs Incalls/Outcalls Romantic Dinner Date
$4,000 USD 6hrs Incalls/Outcalls An Event
$6,000 USD 12hrs Outcalls Overnight
$8,000 USD 24hrs Outcalls Escape


  Ménage à trois

Be a part of the genuine love and passion that can exist between two (or more) playful and erotic young women...


Currently Offering...

A Special Duo Daze with Harlow Laurent

1,600 Total for 1 Hour

3,000 Total for 2 Hours

4,000 Total for 3 Hours

5,000 Total for 4 Hours

7,000 Total for 6 Hours

10,000 Total for 12 Hour Sleepover


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You will get the fastest response and taken seriously once you send me your appointment request and screening info by clicking on the "Book Now" Button on my Contact Page. Once you're screened and I know the details of what kind of date/when exactly you're looking for I can confirm. Emails being direct and short are valued.

Sexual discussion is never appropriate over the web and will get you ignored. Negotiation of sexual acts and rates will get you ignored and kicked out if in person.



I'm currently in school and take it very seriously since I will be creating my own business a year from now. Therefore, the further in advance the request the better ~ at least 48 hours is highly recommended and appreciated.

Same day appointments are hardly ever possible and it would be a shame to miss each other over late planning... However, if you found me all of the sudden and can only meet today or tomorrow then you can still reach out and see.

I prefer the hours between 10am-12am.



I've invested in a superb place to entertain. I've been shocked in a negative way at the lack of quality that some girls give to their incall. Don't worry, my place is discreet, safe, clean, gorgeously decorated, and is meant to stimulate all the senses with a feeling of relaxation.

I prefer hosting at my residence where I can feel safe, set the mood, and have all the supplies I might need at any given moment. On an outcall, I'm not taking advantage of the setup I invested in, am dealing with the drive, must keep to one beverage due of driving, pay for valet, don't have everything I might want to have, my outfit becomes more of an ordeal since it's not only what you like but is also what hotel staff think, and have to worry about discretion... It's a headache. You will be glad you don't have to worry about music and candles, etc! Let's meet at mine ;)



Unfortunately due to my needed focused time on school the logistics of travel take up too much time, bring complications, and greatly effect my insomnia. So, I've determined it's best for me to stay local to Los Angeles as much as possible, but am willing to travel to distances 2hrs away by car and am also willing to make some exceptions.



The pictures below give you an idea of my style and attire ranging from business, nice casual, girlish, sexy, to very casual. Each category represents my style spot on.

As you can tell by my outfit examples, I am not someone who wears skimpy or flashy things. My dresses are never too short and my heels are never ridiculous. I prefer to turn heads instead of raise eyebrows. 

I especially like specifics and showing up in the best manner, so please tell me which way you would like to see me. After all, I want to match your type of attire, especially when meeting in public! I pride myself on being discreet.



Yes! I love being close and having fun with my dear, close friends. We are women who deeply enjoy our lifestyle and want to share that passion with you! 

I am lovers in Los Angeles with...

Harlow Laurent



If you have another companion in mind whom you would like to have join us then I would be happy to consider meeting her :)



I do! I find it incredibly fun and have found these experiences to be compassionate and exhilerating! I actually find accompanying couples and adding to their romantic life to be my specialty! I'm very good at making everyone feel very comfortable and engaged. I have even been considered a "Creative Director" because I am very good at coming up with interesting and new ideas to add to our time together that will continue to inspire you when you two are alone together ;)

Please kindly include an extra $500 to the total of the Package you wish to partake in.



I have gone back and forth on how I feel about reviews. I have had great reviews and I know it matters to feel comfortable before commiting to seeing such a high value provider. However, I'm finding privacy, safety, and discretion to be of most importance, so I no longer approve of being reviewed.



After screening or meeting I can let you know an address in which packages can be mailed to, addressed to my discreet business name so that there is privacy between both the sender and receiver.



It's unfortunate that I must because I really like my face, lol! You will see that it is my most exquisite feature. In a perfect world I wouldn't have to. Regardless, however, I greatly value my privacy and find it a more discreet situation for both of us. Not to mention, I am looking forward to owning a business in the near future, being a property owner, and continuing to work on many creative projects. I like knowing I can walk among a crowd freely and with a delicious secret.

These are also some reasons why I cannot send you an unblurred photo. You may be a wonderful and trustworthy person, but the risk of it possibly getting out is simply not worth it. Besides... our getting together shouldn't be so extremely focused on my looks. I'm pretty sure I show enough for you to know what you're getting yourself into ;)


I am beyond grateful for the time you wish to see me for and for the life changing experiences we may share. For those who are curious about my taste, I offer a view into the items of this world and adventures to be had that would bring me ecstatic joy, which is in turn a means to my heart. Spoiling each other is fun and can elevate an already wonderful relationship between two people...


My Birthday is May 19th! I am a Taurus with a touch of Gemini, who is only getting more beautiful and wise with every passing day!


Loves: Fresh Flowers (I cherish classic pink, white, and yellow roses), Red Wine, Experiences, & Elephants!

Favorite Colors: White, Dark Maroon, Forest Green, & Pink 

Details: Lace, Pearls, Rose Gold/Gold, Conflict Free Diamonds

Favorite Brands: Karen Millen, Ted Baker, Loro Piana, BCBG, Free People, All Saints, and Agent Provocateur 

Beneficial Gift Cards: Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Airfare, Visa, Amazon, Pleasure Chest, etc.


Sizes: Dress 2-4, Blouse XS, Shoe 7, Measurements 34DD-26-37


Thrilling Activities: Skiing, Scuba Diving, Hang Gliding, Surfing, Mountain Climbing, Sky Diving, and anything else you can think of...


*My Net-A-Porter Wishlist


  •  “I don’t pay for what I can get for free”

 People who say this are unconsciously continuing the situation they themselves look down on… being money exchanged for sexual activity instead of money being paid for companionship.


As a revolutionist and concerned citizen, I think it's important to point out that people who are unfamiliar with the escort world unfortunately think that it is a very simple one, only made up of the things they have heard, and therefore the cycle of prejudice, mistreatment, and ostracization continues. They are unintentionally objectifying women/men to be made out as nothing but mere sex objects – that what they offer is nothing special.


Every person is special, thus escorts are actually selling a one of a kind encounter with a unique individual because not every one is the same. What you are really getting in return for your patronage is the ability to get to experience this specific person on a certain level, being especially true with GFE Companions such as myself. Those who seriously consider seeing an escort come to understand this as they have to choose between booking a date with Becky or Sophia, for example. Becky and Sophia may be seen by some to be selling the same thing, but what you receive is not the same because they are not the same person. 

What you cannot get for free is ME.


I am adored because I have the mentality and soul of a true lover. There is so much more that goes with being a companion than physical intimacy. I insist on enjoying all the moments of my life, thus I can guarantee you that I wil be present and alive with you. I believe in being the best person I can be and that means inspiring everyone to be their best self too. Together we can indulge in positivity and grow as people.


I have taken time to train myself to be an overflowing abundance of positive energy. During dates with me you will be my main priority; this is either fun or instead draining if I feel the exchange is not fair. I cannot live my life spreading myself thin just because society demands a woman's sexuality be free and accessible at all times. I will shower you with so much genuine affection and happiness if I too feel genuinely satisfied. If I know I am taken care of then I will not help but want to take care of you too!


At this time there's still many escorts who have yet to learn that a relationship of this kind takes more than saying whatever they think wants to be heard. I know that the male gender is discriminated against in ways too and would love to spend time with you where we can build our understanding for one another instead of playing a shallow game of two people using another. Escorts who have yet to realize this are missing out on what they could learn from the wonderful men they meet, for just as women should not be objectified into sexual objects, men should not be objectified into wallets.


 “Why such a high rate?"

A woman’s asking price comes down to two main factors, her understanding of her worth and her lifestyle/goals. I am investing in a secure future outside of my current young fun adventures. 

I know from experience in my past what is sustainable and that if I were to, for example, ask for only $250/hr then I would have to be seeing ton of men in order to make a living that would be worth it. I don’t want to see tons of men, opening myself up to any man who could afford $250, be doing this type of work full time as in possibly seeing 6 or more men a day, and for several years to come… finding myself stuck at a dead end when my looks and body have worn out and me having not used any of my time to invest in another career. I refuse for this to happen to me. If you care about my well being as a human being then you would not subject me to that just so that you could save yourself some money. We’re human beings, not a lifeless product like a nice jacket. Therefore, I am also sharing in the experience with you and insist on only being in the company of exceptional and successful gentlemen whom I can learn from and who will cherish me.


Ultimately, your financial gifts are a sign of your respect for me. It is how you tell me you deem me as worth it and that you care about my financial independence and well being. Flowers, gifts, and nice dinners are sincerely appreciated and enjoyed. Please never underestimate how necessary monetary funds are though, being as they give me the ability to take care of myself, which will inevitably build a love in my heart that can last a lifetimeBesides, in return for your understanding and graciousness, I will joyfully be giving you my whole hearted appreciation and affection. I only give myself to whom deserves it and from that we will build a beautiful and one of a kind connection. 


What you are booking is a life experience, like a vacation, but the best kind because it's all about the person you are with. 

"Why see you when I could see someone else for less?”

This goes back to transitioning the mindset of what you are paying for. If you based your selection solely on who has the cheaper prices then you would miss out on meeting some of the most incredible and breathtaking women that exist today. 


I specialize in the Girlfriend Experience without the strings and drama, being more about us having a connection and always having a guaranteed genuinely wonderful time, while both of us keep our independence. Many girls may put GFE on their page, but that doesn't mean they actually are the dream girlfriend you hope for them to be. I'm a naturally warm and empathetic person who wants to listen, understand, and give you the appreciation you deserve.


If you are a proud gentleman, then I am the one you should spend your time with if you are seeking a mature, yet youthful, independent, down to earth young woman who has strong ambitions, and a good heart. I will be your sweet and playful companion that will never stop intriguing you. I am also the one whom you would respect and admire for my well-rounded, busy life full of endeavors that require my time and attention. I ask for the amount I do because my time in this profession and my time in general is limited and therefore very valuable. I have to be picky, literally for the sake of my livelihood.


And, lastly, I ask so much because I’m absolutely worth it. 


"What should I expect?"

How we spend our time is actually how we are spending our life. With this awareness I insist on making the most of every minute.


The kind of relationship we would have is a very unique and potentially life changing one. You have your life. I have my life. We meet in the middle, always keeping our independence, privacy, and the boundaries that we agree upon. However, a boundary that will always remain is the independence and privacy. I am not meant to be your life partner; my purpose in your life is to be your inspiration. I will happily welcome you to my luxury incall apt where we are free to enjoy ourselves and can introduce you to some of my favorite fellow courtesans/best friends. I will share with you what I want to share about myself, same going for you. I can teach you a new way of looking at life, bring out your divine masculinity and passionate nature while curing the ego, and enhance relationship skills that will nurture all the areas of your life.


With that being said, I also think it's important to point out that if any efforts are made to find out things about me that I did not willingly share, or if actions are made such as stopping by my home unannounced or unexpectedly showing up at an event I'm attending then all connections between us will end. I, after all, would never, ever pry or try to inappropriately insert myself into your personal life. I expect and need the same respect.


I am a confident woman who remains happy by staying true to myself, which means easily and shamelessly communicating. I will not be someone who beats around the bush or tries to trick you. We get the best out of our relationships when we simply say what we want and need and then see if it matches ;) Let's not waste each other's time!


I am an ultra feminine young woman with a confident, mature attitude and playful, childlike enthusiasm. I am deeply attracted to the type of man who is confident, laid back, thoughtful, nonjudgmental, respects my boundaries and wishes, and who is a truly caring and empathetic person. I have a quietly powerful presence that can sometimes be intimidating, but a genuine, soft and friendly demeanor with a big heart : )


Starting in January I will be enrolled in a Year Long Love, Sex, and Relationship Certification Program to be a Love, Sex, and Relationship Coach! I would love to share what I'm learning with you and us grow together!


"How do you feel about this lifestyle?"

I feel lucky and loved! I live such an exciting and interesting life as I have meaningful experiences with people I value and who value me. I know that what we are really looking for is connection. This underground world gives us a platform to meet and fulfill one another. 


I don't look down on those who choose a different way of business, because some escorts and men prefer detached meetings. It's just that I, and I assume you, are simply looking for something more, and there's nothing wrong with that either ;) 


I consider every fellow escort to be a sister and every good gentleman to be a friend.


I extend my hand out to you and hope you will take it.

I can lead you to experiences you were unaware of, if given the chance.


I'm in school, so I'm not an "on call" kind of girl. 

Please contact me at least 48 hrs before the desired date

to enhance the possibility of our schedules aligning.

I'm based in Los Angeles, with an incall in Beverly Hills.



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I look forward to hearing from you...

With tender affection,